Tuesday, October 26, 2010

v2 released (Android), iPhone app in the works

After quite a bit of work on totally revamping how the app looks and feels, we are proud to announce the release of Halo Reach MLG Timer v2 for Android!

With this update comes:
- a brand new UI tailored to look and feel much more like Halo Reach,
- a new "About" screen for easier access to our website and contact information,
- a help page to ensure that you are using the app correctly,
- bars turn red when they are approaching their spawn time
- and an all new feature, Team Slayer Mode! (donate version only)

Below are several screen shots of the new UI featuring both MLG and Slayer Mode. But before that, a quick word on the iPhone version of the app. My father, who is an iPhone developer, is currently actively working on porting the app over to the iPhone, but it is taking some time. I don't have a current estimate as to when it will be released, but it should be in the near future. While you're waiting, check out his euchre score app! And if you haven't heard of the card game euchre, I suggest you learn how to play immediately!

Team Slayer Mode (new!)

Revamped look of MLG Mode!


  1. hello!

    i'm pretty interested in your app and think its cool but isn't very attractive!

    i think that it should be a 30 seconds warning before the weapon spawn, 20 is too short to establish a real strategy to pick it up !
    besides, the microsoft sam voice isn't very atractive too! try to change it for a human nice voice!

    i'd say be more efficient.

    let it just say : sniper in 30 secs / sniper spawned
    rocket in 30 secs / rocket spawned

    also, put the power ups! camo for example!

    (btw, sorry for the caps, ain't working anymore :o)

    Yup, that's all i could think about, hope to see a 3.0 version soon!

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