Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First (real) post

Hey guys,

Just a post saying that we've added some screenshots and project info. Check them out in the links above. Feel free to leave any comments about the project here.

A quick word about the release date of the app. We are currently on schedule to release concurrently with the Halo Reach MLG rules (if the rumors are to be trusted), so go ahead and start your unofficial countdown to our timer app!



  1. Im stoked guys! Ill start a thread online at if u haven't already. A lot of ppl will be interested in this fo sho lol

  2. Thread started!!! Check it out -

    Hopefully it gets noticed quick. This app will be sickkkk lol

  3. I think your thread got sniped down by the MLG forum admins.

  4. You guys never change, just change games lol

  5. yeah... checked it out today. it DID get sniped down :(. theres another thread tho which you already posted in, thats why they got rid of mine lol