Thursday, September 30, 2010

v1.1 update

We have released a minor update which adds an "About" dialog to the menu and makes the timers begin and end one second later. For example, the sniper bar previously showed 1:58 when it was in it's initial rest state and it played a sound and reset at 0:01 back to 1:58. This is a fully accurate interval of time for the sniper to spawn (we've tested it in games), but it tricks you into thinking a second is lost at the end. So we decided beginning at 1:57 and ending at 0:00 is more visually satisfying. Thanks to Alex for his comment on the Android Market which drew our attention to this. We read your comments -- probably excessively because we're so stoked with the success of our first app thus far. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the app. Hang in there until Bungie adds the MLG playlist to matchmaking!

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