Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progress update

Settings release date rumors
I've heard two rumors regarding the release date of the MLG Reach settings v1. The first suggested the settings would be released October 7th-ish (one week before the MLG Combine event) and the other claimed tomorrow. October 7th would give us plenty of time to finish up the app and have it ready to release the day of. But we are not ready for a release tomorrow. If the settings do happen to come out tomorrow, no big deal. We will have this baby ready for release very shortly thereafter.

A more complete screenshot
If our screenshot snippets of the individual bar views we posted yesterday didn't satisfy you, then maybe seeing them all on the screen at once with the progress bar overlay will. Or maybe you're still unsatisfied because the top half of the screen is black and rockets are listed twice. Truth be told: we do know what is going at the top of the screen, but we're programmers not graphic designers and are still trying to learn how to use MS Paint (jokes). Rockets are listed twice because we're not 100% sure what to expect from the MLG settings so we don't know what third item will be worth tracking. We are very open to suggestions before and after the settings release. Tell us what weapon/power up/whatever you'd like to see a bar and get notifications for.

Short and sweet points worth mentioning about this app:

  • It will be released as soon as the MLG settings are released (or shortly thereafter [like within a day]).
  • It will be constantly updated and improved with your suggestions/ideas.
  • It will be customizable and visually pretty, but the main goal is for it to not distract you while playing. So start it and forget it until you hear the audio notifications.
  • It will be free (and ad-free because we hate ads in apps we use).
  • We are college students, therefore we will gladly accept PayPal donations if you enjoy our app (we may spend it on beer).


  1. Update: we WILL spend it on beer.

  2. Needs Grenade Launcher/ Shotgun timers as well as different pages for each map (since not all maps have the same power weapons)

  3. We're workin on it.. Update coming soon!

  4. this is badass dude me and a friend were playing MLG yesterday side by side and he pulled out his droid and said "woulnt it be awesome if we had a timer app." NO JOKE weird but he said it. So i think alot ppl could find this usefull.

  5. Thanks a lot! Let us know if you find any bugs or have any feature requests.

  6. Make This for the Palms. I have a Palm Pixi and would love this app (: